Photo by Kendra Heisler


"Dreyer’s many original compositions on the album explore a full range of Brazilian styles - samba, bossa nova, maracatú, baião, samba-funk, and bolero, combining them with jazz and a few rock touches. Throughout, she demonstrates her deep understanding of the subtleties of Brazilian phrasing, as well as her own virtuosity on both the alto saxophone and flute. Vida. Arte. Amor. draws you in, and keeps you there. Laura Dreyer finds the heart of Brazil and invites us to come along. Get on board, non-stop."

-- Tim Wilkins, WBGO


“..this music is the stuff that keeps you young. This is a set of utterly killer Latin jazz that hits the mark throughout.”

--Midwest Record Entertainment Reviews


"You don't need extensive music theory training or a music degree to appreciate her catchy and artful saxophone melodies...She's a musical straight-shooter who understands the value in a memorable melody. Vida. Arte. Amor. isn't a bold statement, a power play, or a grandstanding affair. It's simply an expression of joy, lovingly delivered by the talented Laura Dreyer."

--Dan Bilawsky, All About Jazz